Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7th

I realized last Friday it is the first time in my life that I have not been in America for Independance day! Super weird. Luckily, we have rocking members who got us a 4th of July package with Oreos, Tim-Tams, Antac biscuits, and sparklers, so we still got to celebrate the holiday in a very American fashion :)
We had a really great week. We were able to contact and meet with a lot of former investigators and met with some of the people we had found in weeks previous that have a ton of potential!
Two miracles of the week:
1) We met with this Chinese guy from Inner Mongolia who is a member of one of the local Baptist churches. He has really great English, so he started off just talking to us completely in English and was asking questions "How much success do Mormons have with the Chinese people in this area?" "Do people actually want to meet with you?" "Where do you go to find people?"  and other slightly awkward, seeking intel kind of questions. Finally, he asked, "Why do you use a Book of Mormon? Isn't one Bible enough?" We started to explain to him about prophets and asked him if we could speak Chinese to explain more clearly. He was pretty shocked that we could speak Chinese well (well for foreigners at least :) ) and, after we started speaking Chinese, he started really listening to what we were saying. In the end, he agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it was the word of God, as well as meet again this next week.
2) We had a ton of contacts in our phone that we had not been able to get a hold of and knew nothing about. So, for weekly planning last week, we took the time to send a mass text to all of the investigator contacts in the phone saying that we were the new missionaries in the area and asking if there was a good time we could meet next week. We got a text back a minute later from one of the contacts we had texted that said "I am coming to church on Sunday!" And she did! Her name is Catherine and she is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. She said that she had met with missionaries for the first time about a year ago, but, because she had gone back to China for a few months, she had lost contact with them. She already believes in God and Jesus Christ and is eager to learn more! So cool!
Love you all!

-Sister Bennion

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