Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 21st

Crazy week!!
Sorry, because of all of the BYU application stuff, this will not be the best email (let us all take a moment to dwell on how weird it is that I will have to apply to BYU classes again soon...ahhhh...real life). But here is a few really cool experiences from the past week!
1. We got a text from a roommate of a less active that said, "my name is Christina, I want english help and also to know the purpose of life. Can we meet this week?" so awesome.
2. We met a less active named Michael a few weeks ago. He is a really nice guy, just super busy and stressed about tests and visa stuff. He said that we could contact him after a couple of weeks so, last Saturday, we texted to see how he was doing. He responded, "Great! See you at church tomorrow!" and then he came! For the first time in a year! Everyone in the ward was so happy to see him.
I was reading through the Christlike attributes session and noticed in the introduction that it said "All Christlike attributes are a gift from God." I think it is interesting that the first Christlike attribute mentioned is faith in Jesus Christ. My companion and I were talking about it later and discussed how we both have always felt like faith is our job. It is something that we have to work on and then eventually develop. But, according to preach my gospel, faith is in fact, a gift from God. Great faith is not the finishing line to a life of living righteously, it is a gift bestowed to us along the way by the Lord to motivate us to do and be better and must be asked for through "great prayer and fasting." 
Love you all!
-Sister Bennion

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