Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th

Thank you so much for the emails this week! I got a total of 46, RECORD BREAKING! I love you all and I felt very very loved in return :)
I am so happy the whole family got back together! And I loved loved loved the Michael narwhal shirt story. Oh my goodness. I am still cracking up.
Another great week in Tassie! We had a complete miracle day last Wednesday and were able to find two rock solid awesome people as we were on our way to a lesson! Their names are Hank and Joe. Haha, some of the names the Chinese exchange students pick are so random, I love it. We invited Hank to come to dinner with us at one of the member families' home. He just came to Australia a few weeks ago and so his English is still not the best, but he seemed to really enjoy it. He told the husband that he thought his mustache was very handsome. Good times. :)
I realized this last week that it had been about a year since I got my last priesthood blessing and felt like I needed to get one. Sister S said that she wanted one as well, so we were able to ask our Zone Leaders for one after District Meeting. It was exactly what I needed. Some of the things that the elder giving me the blessing said was a direct answer to my prayers. It definitely strengthened my appreciation for the restoration of the priesthood and made me realize what a blessing it has been throughout my life. I love this Gospel!
Love you all!
-Sister Bennion 

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