Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 24th


You lucky dogs! Hope everything is going good over there :) stay safe!! 

This last week was great! We were able to see a lot of progress with our investigators and have definitely seen some miracles this week! One of them was that almost all of our new investigators this week brought friends with them to their lessons! One of the girls we met with brought her friend, Letitia (yes, her name is Letitia haha). When Letitia met with us, she had a million questions. They Why do you believe in God? Why do people pray? Why spend time going to church? As soon as we opened our mouth to answer, she would ask another question. We felt a prompting that we should teach her all of Lesson 1, the Restoration, something that we rarely do when we are meeting for the first time with someone without any Christian background. But we started to teach, focusing particularly on Jesus Christ and the Restoration of the Gospel through Joseph Smith. As we mentioned Joseph Smith's story and proceeded to his account of the 1st vision, her questions lessened and she started to listening more intently. It was so cool, we definitely could tell that she was feeling something. By the end of the lesson, she and her friend both agreed to read the Book of Mormon every night and be baptized if they know what it says is true.

On another note, I found out that a referral I gave to some of the Chinese sisters in Doncaster ward is getting baptized this weekend! Wooohooo! I love it when that happen :) 

-Sister Bennion

Mary's Letter from Sarah:

I KNOW RIGHT? No cancun for us. But look on the bright side, Rachel has to swim with the dolphins. Sweet karma.

I am doing great here in Melbourne. By the end of this transfer, I will have been in the area I am in now for 9 MONTHS! Craziness. I think I am going to be transfered soon sadly. I absolutely love the ward I am in and it will be hard to leave, especially knowing I will not likely come back. I have really been blessed to spend so much time their already. 

Ok, I am going to write more about this next week in my family email, but because you are not in Cancun, I thought I'd tell you the news first... QING IS GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT WEEK! We were getting ready to teach her the Word of Wisdom last week and were pretty nervous, because it is usually the thing that most older Chinese people have a problem with. We prayed a lot for the Lord to help us know what to say and to prepare Qing so she would be willing to commit to following the commandments. We sat down to teach her and, after saying a prayer, introduced the Word of Wisdom to her. We had her read the things that the Lord has asked us to avoid off the pamphlet and after reading, she said, "No problem. I have never liked any of these things. I really feel they are not good for our bodies." We sat there stunned for a half a second then proceeded to teach her all the rest of the commandments, including the 10 commandments, Sabbath day, Law of Chastity, Tithing, and fasting. She agreed to them all. 

Flawless merriment. I kept saying to my companion "This ones for the good guys!"

Not really. But it was close.

Ahhh! That video will not download! I am in a bad emailing place this week...I will try to watch it next week. I will try to imagine what it contains until then haha

Love you!!!

-Sister Bennion
Couple missionaries moved into the apartment right underneath us and gave us some food this week!! It is the first time I have not eaten rice for dinner in a long time...I am becoming Asian...ahhhhh.

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