Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th


Great week. We were able to meet with Qing a couple of times (our most progressing investigator). She is 20 pages away from finishing the Book of Mormon (she has only had it for 2 weeks!! So amazing) and she feels like it is the word of God. We asked her if she had prayed about it and about if Joseph Smith is a prophet and she admitted that she had not yet. We invited her to do so and she accepted. We will meet with her again this week and see how she is doing and, hopefully, she will be prepared for baptism by next week! 

Miracle of the week: We got a text from a new investigator last Monday that said, ''No offense, but does your church practice polygamy?'' Que panic. I have never seen an investigator that has responded well to that topic, especially one like her, who we have only met with once. We prayed and then felt that we should answer back simply explaining that it was a part of our early church's history, but was discontinued in 1890 and then express that we would love to explain more when we met next week. We waited a while, but she did not answer back. We were about to give up hope when we received a text that said she would love to understand more and that she was willing to keep an open mind. She came to church this last Sunday and we were able to answer her questions and set another appointment. So grateful. I really feel the Lord has blessed us a lot.

I recently came across a quote from Brigham Young that stated: ''Before we condemn, we should wait until the heavens clearly indicate a fault in a father, brother, sister, wife, husband, or neighbor (and might I add, a companion or investigator). And if heaven declares a fault, wait until the Holy Ghost manifests to you that such is a fault.'' I really love this thought. It is definitely something I have to continue to work on both on my mission, and throughout the rest of my life. 

Time's almost up, love you all!
-Sister Bennion
Autumn on the tram tracks in Melbourne, AustraliaBeautiful autumn day along the Yarra River, Melbourne, Australia

We’ve been blessed with a few gorgeous autumn days lately: bright blue and sunny skies, vibrant changing leaves, a crispness in the air that almost makes you want to take your jacket off.

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