Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 6th


Everything is still pretty good out here in Melbourne.  We did a lot of finding this past week, because a lot of our investigators and recent converts just went home for the holidays. We found some pretty great people and are really excited to meet with them this week. One girl we were talking to straight up said, "Are you Christian? Can I join you?" Answer: YES. 

One of our progressing investigators, Jared, is doing well too. He is reading, praying, and attending all hours of church. He has a concern though that is keeping him from getting a confirmation of if what we are saying is true. We are not sure exactly what it is yet and are praying that we will have the spiritual sensitivity to know what we need to ask to find out and resolve his concern. 

Sister Huang is so funny. She is still not a huge fan of finding and so this past week helped her out a LOT. We started out finding together, but after a while, I asked if she would be okay with separating. Sister Huang seemed pretty nervous about it, so I pointed out a guy that was sitting alone and suggested that she talk to him. She passed by him once...then twice...then a third time, before coming back to me, sticking out her hand and saying "Give me strength!" I shook her hand and she turned around straightaway and talked to him haha.

I read a quote this week that really stuck with me. It relates missionary work to the story of Moses and the Israelites' sacrifice. It states:

"After receiving his commissiofrom the Lord, Moses returned to Egypt to lead the children of Israel out of captivity. Plague after plague failed to secure their freedom, leading to the 10th and final plague: “For will pass througthe land of Egypt this nightand will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt” (Exodus 12:12). (...)The Lord instructed His people to offer sacrifice, lamb “without blemish” (verse 5), and to collect the blood from the sacrifice. They were then to take of the blood”and apply it to the entrance of each home—“the two side posts and … the upper door post” (verse 7)—with this promise: “And when I see the blood, will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you”(verse 13). The blood used by the Israelites, symbolic of thSavior’s future Atonement, was product of the sacrifice they had offered. Nevertheless,the sacrifice and the blood alone would not have been sufficient to obtain the promised blessing. Without the application of the blood to the doorposts, the sacrifice would have been in vain. 
As result of that sacrifice, we return from our missions with our own gifts: The gift of faith. The gift of testimony. The gift of understanding therole of the Spirit. The gift odaily gospel study. The gift of having servedour Savior. Gifts carefully packaged in worscriptures, tattered copies of Preach My Gospel, missionary journals, and grateful hearts. However, as with the children of Israel, the ongoing blessings associated with missionary service require application after the sacrifice."
We can go to church every Sunday, follow the commandments, pay tithing, and serve a full time mission. But unless we are really applying the sacrifices we give, our sacrifice will amount to nothing. The Lord does not just ask for our might, mind, and strength; he asks for our heart! My goal this year is to do that, to live in a way that I can be wholeheartedly aligned with the Lord. I can become a missionary in everything I do, and not just Sarah Bennion doing missionary things. 
So...a commitment! Give the Lord your heart this year. Apply the sacrifices you make for Him. Be aligned. Be happy.
I can't believe I only have less than a year left! Time is flying by way too fast. But, I am excited for the miracles and blessings that I know 2014 holds! 
-Sister Bennion

Hey momma! 

Hope that your winter break has been great! I love all the pictures that you sent! Everyone looks so happy!! Keep up the great missionary work and know that I love you so much! 

I showed a picture of the the family to a Chinese guy in my district and he said "Wait zoom in on your dad." I did and he looked for a second and said "Your dad is very handsome. Like a movie star" hahahahahaha 

LOVE Sister Bennion

Looks like Lulu!
Crazy faced

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