Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 13th


I am so glad that you all got my presents! I hope that you can feel my love for you and again, so sorry they did not make it in time for Christmas!

Wow. I can not believe that Craig Lyle is gone. It happened so fast. It really just reminds me how important the work I am doing is. It is not "selling religion" or convincing people. It is answering the real questions of the soul. I am so grateful for Rawly's example in staying on his mission. I know without a doubt that the Lord will bless Him throughout his life for his willingness to serve the Lord. Lyle family, I love you so much and I will be praying for you.

This last week, I have ran into a lot of people who say that they prefer to "live in the moment". One instance that really stands out is one man that we met on the street last week who gave us that answer. We asked him if he had any big questions that he had been searching for an answer to and he responded he did not. We listed a few questions for him, namely "Where do we go after we die" and "Where were we before we were born?" After we asked him these questions he said with wide eyes "There are answers to those?" I am here to testify that there is answers to all of the soul searching questions. There is a loving Heavenly Father. There is a purpose to life. There is a plan created from the foundation of the world that CAN heal the infirmed, CAN bring peace to the afflicted, and CAN comfort the broken hearted. As we learn more about this plan, we receive the amazing and blessed confirmation that we are not alone here! We have friends, leaders, prophets, angels, and family both here and on the other side of the veil.  Above all, we have the unfailing companionship of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who has felt every pain we have or will ever feel. 

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It is real, it is important, and it is worth every sacrifice. 

-Sister Bennion

Sorry for the pretty solemn letter. There are a couple of things that happened this week:

-Tram next to our house out for construction. Having to walk 3 hours home the first night with our sister training leaders (we were on exchanges). This walk included a mile sprint by Sister F and I by the end so we could grab the car and pick up Sister H (her ankle was really hurting). 

-Teaching English class twice! Unable to pronounce the word heroine (I kept saying heroin. ahhhhhh.) 

-Kangaroo. Still very happy about that. 

-President interviews. I was really able to learn a lot from him, he is a really amazing mission president. 

-Traced my genealogy line back to Adam while waiting for interviews!! 

I TOUCHED A KANGAROO. It took 2 hours and 30 dollars, but it happened. Checked off the bucket list.

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