Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 24th


How's it going? I was so excited to hear how well Luke did in Battle of the Books!! Luke, you are so awesome! So proud! Also, VERY grateful to hear that the doctors were able to figure out what infection was in Mimi's leg. A huge answer to prayers. Mimi, I will keep praying for your health and I love you so much!

Things are doing well here in Melbourne. The Lord has really blessed us with some great people and we are starting to see some real progress. Bad news: Alex moved away for a half year. But, he finally has a witness that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is willing to continue to meet with missionaries in his new area.

Miracle of the week: Last Sunday was pretty rough. We had 3 investigators who said they could come to church who all flaked out at the last minute. To make matters even more depressing, the person that we had scheduled a lesson with later in the afternoon fell though as well. Our back up plan was street contacting, so we went out to talk to people. We said a prayer before leaving that, according to our faith, we would be able to find someone who needed to hear our message. However, when we got on the street that we had planned to contact on, no one was willing to talk to us. We decided that we should try contacting near the state library instead and both set off. I got a feeling that we should try taking a way that we did not usually take to get there, because it takes a little longer. As we were walking, I noticed a middle-aged lady on the side of the street. Sister Chen and I stopped to talk to her and, when she looked at our tags, she said, "Oh, Jesus Christ church. Can I go there?" She had just arrived from China to visit her son for two months. She said that she attended a Christian church in China and wanted to find one in Melbourne as well! She agreed to meet with us this week and come to church next Sunday.

Love you all! I can't believe that I will hit my 9 months this week...time seriously flies.

-Sister Bennion
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne
                                                                   Melbourne State Library

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