Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013


This last week was so full of miracles, I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with the biggest one first...


We had a lesson with her early last week and near the end of the lesson, as we were about to mention her upcoming baptism date on Oct 25, she said "I'm getting baptized at the end of this week, right?" We readily confirmed that Oct 18 would be perfect and she was interviewed soon after! Her baptism was really amazing. She bore her testimony afterwards (she had it typed up because the night before her baptism, she couldn't sleep and wanted to be better prepared) about how she was so grateful she was for the Gospel and wanted to endure to the end. She even mentioned that she wanted to help her friends find the same happiness that she found. She is so amazing and incredibly prepared. I am so grateful that Sister Zhang and I got the opportunity to teach her and be strengthened by her example.  

Second miracle! Last week, we committed another one of our newer investigators, Vicky, to a baptism date. She said that she really liked the teachings of the Gospel so far, but was not sure if she should be baptized yet. We invited her to attend Lynn's baptism to learn more about what baptism is like and why it is important. She came and, when we met with her again yesterday, said that she really felt good at the baptism. She said she still wanted to learn more, but agreed to be baptized on Nov 9th

Third miracle! Sister Z and Sister R (her last companion 2 transfers ago) taught a girl named Tina Li for a long time. She was super friendly and wanted to be baptized, but never kept commitments and had to be dropped. Tina called Sister Z and I a few weeks ago and said she was interested in taking lessons again. We set a new date for her and she started reading scriptures and praying, but her biggest problem remained that she never went to church. In the 17 lessons she had been taught over the last few months, she had always had friends over or slept in or had to work and she had not been to a single church service. We told her that, in order to be baptized she needed to come to church and last Sunday, for the first time ever, SHE CAME! It was a huge step for her and I hope the Lord can help give her the willpower to keep attending. 

I feel so incredibly blessed to be in this area and working with such amazing people!! 

-Sister Bennion
                   Above is a picture of Lynn's baptism :) she is the one in the very middle and Vicky is on the side.

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