Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd

Mama! Thanks for the email!! I loved all of the lines from the talent show and I loved hearing about Rachel's miracle! It is so weird, I have been praying for Rachel all week without really knowing why. There is the answer :)

This last week was really great, it was Chinese Moon Festival. Some of the recent converts in our ward made us a feast (and I got to try mooncakes...not a huge fan haha). 

I got your package!!! I loved everything! The stickers actually gave me a good idea. I have been realizing that I need more motivation to use the new chinese words I am learning every day in conversation, so I told Sister Zhang that unless I use all 5 of my words in a conversation for the day, she gets one of my sticker. Sister Zhang is really into it and I am definitely more keen to learn and use new words haha. And don;t worry, I am sending off the squares asap! 

Love you! You are in my prayers! 

-Sister Sarah Bennion


So glad everything is going good on the home front! I wish I could have seen the talent show! Mom sent me some of the missionary door lines and I definitely was cracking up. The only thing that was missing was a visit to Gru's door :)

Language is getting better, one slow step at a time. My listening is improving pretty quickly, but I need to spend more time speaking. It is really easy to get caught in talking English, because I want to get my point across quickly and I have to talk to a lot of people on the streets in English anyway, but it is a habit that I definitely need to stop. This week, I am focusing on complete immersion and a sense of urgency in language learning. 

The talk is called "the fourth missionary". I am pretty sure it was written by one of the seventys...I will try to copy and send it to you if you can't find it. 

LOVE YOU! Sister Sarah Bennion

Hey President! 

Another great week in the city! We were able to set some appointments with people who are really interested, one of which we were able to set a baptismal date with! We were also able to meet with one of our investigators, Stella, and teach the ten commandments. During the lesson, she told us that she is going to have surgery on October 10th, so we are going to try to prepare her for baptism before that date comes. 

Sister Zhang and my companionship is going well; we set a goal to focus on finding this week to reach the standard of excellence.

Thanks for all you do! Hope everything is going well! 

-Sister Bennion

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