Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th

Hey momma! How is everything going? I heard that you were in charge of the day of service! And that it went fantastically (as expected if you played a part in it). One thing I have always loved about you, everything you touch turns to gold, whether it is an activity, leadership role, christmas party, anything. Definitely something I am working  to develop more. It is in my genes somewhere haha. 

We had a mission conference last week that was SO FANTASTIC!! It answered every single one of the questions that I have been asking in my prayers for the last two weeks. One of my favorite quotes from the conference was by Elder Maxwell, which stated "The Lord doesn't ask about your ability or inability, He asks about your availability. And if you prove your dependability, he will give you capability." There are some times on my mission where people have asked why our church sends out teenagers to teach the Gospel. It is a question I have asked myself at times. The answer however, is exactly what you said in your last email. The Lord sends out the weak and the humble, because they know that, alone, they are not enough! They must rely on the Spirit to teach and the Spirit is the thing that really does the converting. 

Funny story: After the conference, I was talking to my companion from my last area and she said I have been in the prayers of the son of one of the recent converts. The son thought that, since I was not going to the ward anymore, I had fallen away from the church, and was praying that I would realize my mistake and come back haha. 

Love you! Tell Rachel I am so proud of her and to definitely check her watch instead of the girls around her! 

-Sister Sarah Bennion

Papa Gru! How's it going? 

I have absolutely loved getting your emails! They completely brighten my day! Its good to remember that I am not the only missionary to ever struggle with language. It all gets easier with time and faith :)

I also have really loved hearing about farm improvements! I am so excited to see all the progress when I get home!! Tree house, swim-able pond, berries...all we need now is a sasquach statue and no poison oak and its about as close to the celestial glory as we can get before the second coming!

I'm glad your mission prep class is going well! If you are looking for material to give them that is really helpful, I know a talk that has really helped me since being on a mission. It is called "The Forth Missionary." It is long, but so fantastic.  

Love you papa! 

-Sister Bennion

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