Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 19th Snail Mail Letter

Hello Familia!
I had a little extra P-day time and wanted to send you a quick letter!  Iwas so bummed that my email time ran out so fast!  I barely had time to tell you about the first day and didn't get to tell you about anything else.  So here is what I do every day!
I go gunning 1st thing in the morning (my companion loves running!  I so lucky!)  an swe get to go right next to the temple.  I love how close it is and am really excited to go in for a session next week.  (we can only go to the temple one p-day ever 90 days)//  Afer. we have a ton of studies.   Personal study, companion study (2 hours of it) and language study.  Sister Montgomery said she wants to practice english while I do Chinese, so it works out perfectly!  I am right now trying to memorize the 1st lesson and missionary purpose in Chinese.  Hopefully, I'll have both covered by the time I go to Australia.
After studies, we have lunch (aka a peanut butter and jelly sandwich ALL the time!)  I usually finish in about 2 minutes.  I asked Sis Montgomery if we could go out teaching earlier, but she turned me down, so I just do more personal study.
After lunch we finally get out of the house and start teaching.  We usually start by going to a less active member's house.  So far, we have gotten into only about 5 Less Active houses, but it is still totally worthwhile, because it is during the traveling between houses that we talk to the most people.  We met on lady who was watering her garden next to the home we were about to visit.  We talked for a little bit and she invited us in so she could talk about her experience with Christ.   At first, I really wanted to talk and control the conversation , but I got a feeling that I just needed to listen.  she told d us all about her 2 marriages (both of which failed) and how Christ got her through it.  After she was done, she said, "You know, we should do this every week!  And next time, you sisters can tell me your testimonies!  yes! Si. Montgomery said that she gone to Maria before and she had never let the missionaries talk.  HOpefully, we are able to tell Maria What she needs to hear, but even more importantly it taught me PATIENCE and helped me remember that these are people not lessons to be taught!
Throughout the day we usually go to a few members as well.  It is super important to get to know them better and show that they can trust you with their friends.  sis. Montgomery says the referrals come in pretty slowly, because all the members are pretty busy with kids, but hopefully, we will get a few soon!  On our way to one member's house, we passed a lady in a bikini who was completely drunk.  she stopped us and said, "I met you in New York!  I am sorry I never came to your church like I said. "  After which she asked for our number so she could call us.  We gave it so hopefully she doesn't lose it in between where we met her and where she's going! Not much storage space in a bikini.
At night, we typically go to a family's house for dinner.  They are pretty good at feeding us (a little to good sometimes)  But, occasionally, we have to feed ourselves and I'm running out of ideas (aka spaghetti &b PB's)  So please send me some easy recipes if you can!
I loved reading your emails!  The rock wall looks SO AMAZING and I'm so glad Mary has a wedding spot picked out!  Good luck to Rawly, I'm so glad he's coming out!  The field need him!
I love you guys!
Love Sister Bennion
The tea is for Dad :)

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