Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 1st

I got a new companion this week.  Her name is Sister Chan, she is from Taiwan.  She is a great missionary (she literally talks to EVERYONE.  Keeps me on my toes) and I am really excited to be serving with her down here is Tasmania.  I already miss Sis. Seeley a LOT (especially during morning exercises.  The quality since Sister Seeley left has declined by heaps!)  Sis. Chan is appalled that Tasmania has so many hills.  Her catchphrase during our morning jog is I’ll do anything for the Lord”….but change is good. 
Great experience of the week we finally ran into Juncker again.  Juncker was one of our investigators that had quit smoking in order to be baptized, but had fallen off the face of the earth about a month ago.  He would not answer phone calls or texts and every time we visited his house, his roommates said, “He was at school or work”. We were walking by his house this last week and I had a feeling we should stop by again.  We knocked on his door and his WIFE answered!  She said she had arrived from China a few days ago and after we talked a little about what we do as missionaries she said she wanted to know more about Jesus Christ! So cool! 
Later that same night we went to Christina’s house and taught her about the Holy Ghost.  She asked us for an example of times we had followed promptings from the Spirit and we shared with her the experience from earlier that day with Juncker’s wife.  As I was telling her how we had tried to get a hold of Juncher over the last month, I used a phrase we had visited his house about a thousand times.  Christina interrupted and said, “That’s harassment!” ha ha! Probably shouldn’t exaggerate with Christina around.
In one of our meetings this last week, someone gave a training on the subject of conversion.  In that training we used an analogy, likening our testimonies to nail.  He then explained that in order for a nail to with stand the necessary hammering, you must apply some initial pressure to it and keep it steady.  Our testimonies are the same. They need pressure.  I think that pressure can come in the form of commandments, callings, church attendance, and other things worthy things that may seem to press on our time and energy, but also help us spiritually perspire for the eventual hammering of trials, temptations, opposition and questions.  As we hold firmly to our testimony and apply pressure, we can truly become converted.
Love you all!  Thanks for your prayers!

Love, Sister Sarah Bennion

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