Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 15th

Here is some of what happened this week!
1.        We had exchanges with some sisters in Launceston (which is on the north edge of Tasmania.  We are on the southernmost part, so we had a nice road trip J).  It was so strange to go into an English speaking area for finding and teaching!  But it was a great experience; both the Launie sisters and their area are really fantastic.
2.       The mission president instituted a new rule.  Sister missionaries and elders cannot be in the same car without another member of the opposite sex in the car.  This would be no problem IF it were not for the fact that we don’t have a car…and officially our area is the bottom HALF of Tasmania…BUT, luckily we have been blessed with members willing to drive us to church, ward council meetings, etc..
3.       We met a guy from Taiwan on the street that is not a Christian or a member of any church who said he believes in the “ministering of angels” Not something you hear every day.  We set up an appointment with him and will hopefully meet this next week.
4.       Sis C and I found out this next week we are going to join senior missionary couples on a 3 day tour around Tasmania (so we can translate for the Linns, one of the senior couples who are from Mainland China and speak no English)!  I will let you know how that went next week.
5.     Christina called us on Tuesday night of last week and said she prayed and got the answer she was suppose to be baptized!!!  So exciting.  Even after almost a year and a half, I am still awed and amazed by the fact that people who a few months ago knew near to nothing about God can talk with Him, find answers from Him and change their life for Him.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing!
6.       Spiritual Thought: In one of our church meetings yesterday, temple and temple attendance were discussed.  As they discussed the importance of attending the temple and the blessings received from the temple.  I was surprised to see many of the people listening to the lesson were in tears.  AS I continued to listen to the lesson I realized how much harder it was for the people here on the island of Tasmania to get to ta temple.  I have always lived in close proximity to a temple and have started to overlook what a blessing that it is.  In that same lesson, a quote was mentioned that also caught my attention, “The temple is for worthy people, not perfect people.”  I think that besides geographical distance, another factor that can stop people from going to the temple is fear that they are not good enough or prepared enough to make the sacred eternally significant vows in the temple. But, I think it helps me to realize that as long as I am doing my best, repenting, and trying to follow Jesus Christ, I do not need to feel like I am not prepared or good enough to be in the house of God.  I feel like I really want to gain a stronger testimony of the temple and the importance of performing the ordinances inside the temple.
Love you all! Have a great week! 

Love, Sister Bennion

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