Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 17th

Yet another late email! So sorry! We went on a zone p-day to the Hasting caves (so fun, but 2 hours away from our area!) and had mission president interviews on tuesday, so we could not get to emailing until Wednesday. It is great going places for P-day, but I think I would prefer a normal quiet monday this next week haha.  
Everything is going great in Tassie! Sister S and I still love our area; we have seen a lot of progress with Sally, our investigator from Taiwan. She asked us to meet with her a second time last week to help her prepare for IELTS test. We went to meet her and, as we were about to start helping her with English, she asked "Actually, would you mind if I shared with you a few scriptures that I liked before we start?" We were also able to go with her to a member's home for dinner and she absolutely loved it. We want to start setting up more investigator-member feeds in the future if we can.
Our regular sized bikes finally came in last week and we had a blast coasting down the hills next to our flat to get to an appointment. Getting up the hill was a different story...I am not in as good of shape as I thought haha. We did our hill sprint day for morning exercise as well yesterday (we are getting up at 6am so that we can have a full hour to workout) . KILLER. Sitting down right now is not the most comfortable experience haha.
On another note, Sister S and I have started reading a chapter from Jesus the Christ during personal study and have discussed it a little during companion study and it has been a really great experience. I feel like I learn a lot more from the book when I have someone to talk about it with. We were reading the chapter on Gabriel's visitations to Zacharias and Mary and started contrasting the two encounters. Zacharias was visited in one of the most ideal of places: the Holy of Holies in the temple. The chance to be able to visit that part of the temple to perform the established sacred ritual was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him and one that he had prepared for for most of his life. Furthermore, the Holy of Holies was the prime visiting place for a heavenly messenger, as the most sacred of rooms in the holy building that was the "House of God" on the earth. However, despite the ideal location and preparation that Zacharias had received prior to Gabriel appearing to him, he was still surprised by the divine visitor and doubted the message that Gabriel brought. Mary, on the other hand, was visited in a humble Galilean town far away from Jerusalem and had received no preparation to be visited by an angel. However, she was quick to believe the angel's message, responding with faith rather than doubt. I think that this contrast really helped me recognize that one of the attributes that characterized those who are blessed greatly from the Lord is a willingness to respond to situations with faith rather than doubt, no matter the circumstance.
Love you all! Hopefully I will have time to send in some pictures! -Sister Bennion
On flight to Tasmania

View from Sarah's flat of the harbor.

Fitted bikes arrived.  Sarah likes going down the hills more than up!

View infront of their flat

At the church

Investigator Board

Visiting the Hasting Caves in Tasmania
P-day Group Shot at Hasting Caves
Beautiful Harbor

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