Monday, August 12, 2013

August 11th

I have LOVED all the pictures of Mary's wedding prep! The day is speedily approaching! I really can't believe it is happening so soon. Make sure to take a ton of pictures at the wedding and, when you wake up from your stress-enduced coma after the wedding, send them to me!
Missionary work is going well!

This week has been great; I have definitely seen a lot of miracles, especially with the less active members. A little less than two weeks ago, we had the oppurtunity to visit a family who had not been to church in years. Their oldest daughter answered the door and said that she was going to another church and was not really interested in coming back. But after we talked to her for a bit on the doorstep, she invited us in anyway and began to talk  to us. She said she had been bullied in church when she was younger and had told herself she would never go back (because many of the people who had bullied her were still in the ward). However, she also told us she had always wanted to go on a mission and that none of the churches she had visited had the kind of mission experience for young people that was offered in the LDS church.  We talked with her about, even though the Gospel is perfect, the people are not and how important the Gospel was. At the end of the lesson, we invited her to come on splits with us the next week. She agreed, but canceled this last week. However, we invited her to church again and she came yesterday! For the first time in years! And she agreed to go on splits with us later this week!
Aaaaaaaaand more big news: I'm getting transferred!  So today will be filled with packing, prepping, etc. I am pretty sure I will be assigned to the Chinese branch and am so excited! I'm ready to start speaking Chinese all the time!

I have really loved my companions and our area! The recent converts are amazingly strong and have already been helping teach new investigators! But, even though this has been a great area, I am really excited for the oppurtunities and experience that will come this next transfer in a new area!
There was a fireside this last week and Brad Wilcox was one of the speakers! He was so hilarious and I loved his thoughts on how we know the Gospel is true. After the fireside, we were about to get into the car when some elders asked if they could catch a ride, because it was getting late and they wanted to get home on time (it is not against the rules for elders to get rides with sisters here). It all would have been fine EXCEPT that one of the elders was a 200+ pound Samoan and, since I am in a threesome companionship, I had to be in the backseat with them. Defintely uncomfortable for all parties. In a normal sitauation, I wouldn't want to be that close to a guy (this is Sarah Bennion you are talking to :) ) and, as a missionary, it was pretty much unbearably awkward or as the Australian would say "Awkward as" (In Australia, they always say "___as" instead of finishing the simile..."cool as" "awesome as" etc).

I know this week is going to be busy /hectic, but keep up the great work, Mom! You are amazing and DEFINITELY not spiritually lacking! You have a lot on your plate and you are handling it all extremely well! Remember D&C 10:4!
I love you so DANG much! Have fun this week!
-Sister Sarah Bennion

PS Attached is a picture of my companion and I with a koala cookie and a picture of me with my Australian long lost cousin :)

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