Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 29th

Fun Fact: I am on a plane flying to Melbourne right now!  No, I have not been transferred…yet (I find out this Saturday if I get transferred or stay in Tassie for my last 6 weeks….nerve racking), Sis Chan and I are just going to a missionary council and we were lucky enough to get to travel up on a Monday.  Do you know what that means? P-day in Melbourne City!! Woohoo!
Christina received the gift of the Holy Ghost this week! She is officially a member of the church. And, we were able to finally meet with some of the people we have contacted in the last few weeks in other words, everything it well in Sandy Bay, Tasmania.  Oh, funny story though  Well…I thought it was funny. One of the recent converts in our ward has had issues getting to church lately, so we shared with him the story of the 10 virgins in the lesson we had with him this last week.  We told how the 10 virgins represent members of the church, the lamps represent our testimonies, and the oil represents true conversion.  We then explained to him how the oil of conversion cannot be shared, but must be gained individually, etc.  The recent convert then told us that the main reason he was not coming to church regularly anymore was because he did not have a car and he felt awkward asking ward members to drive him there.  The only person he felt comfortable asking was another recent convert who had a car and has not been going to church lately.  He then told us that last Sunday, they were both planning on coming to church, but his friend's car was having oil problems.  I took this opportunity to Say, “See? Just the point we wanted to make.  You can’t live off borrowed oil.”  Ba-dum-chee.  I thought I was hilarious. No one else got it!
A few weeks ago, we received a training on yielding to your companion.  During the training they drew a picture.of a big mountain with narrow pathways and two mountain goats with big horns meeting on the mountain.  They explained that the pathway the goats had to walk on was too narrow to allow the goat to pass by each other and asked what we thought the goats did when they encountered this kind of situation.  Many of the people in our zone (including me) answered by saying that the goats probably used their horns to butt heads and thereby clear the pathway. The person giving the training responded that in their situation, what really happens is one of the goats kneels and the other jumps over the kneeling goat! Isn't that so interesting!  I defiantly feel like I learned a really good lesson form this story: there are times in relationships with companions (or really anyone) that you have to be the one who kneels.  The Savior gave the best example of yielding when He submitted Himself completely to the will of the Father.  Humility is so vital and definitely a Christlike attribute I would like to work on.  Love you all!!
                                                          Goats Meeting on the High Mountain

Have a fantastic week! Love Sister Bennion

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