Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 26th


I got all of my letters! They got sent to my first flat and the sisters there were finally able to get them to me! Thank you so so much! 

This last week was fantastic! We had HUGE success with tracting. The last few weeks, tracting has been a little rough, because it is something that is so new to me. But, at our zone conference, I received a complete answer to my prayers in the form of a training by one of the APs that went over some tips to tracting. One tip was called the 10% rule, aka that the person you are talking with is always 10% more uncomfortable than you are (eq. you are 100% comfortable, they are 90%; you are 10% comfortable and they want you off their doorstep). I think  the rule works pretty well with talking about the Gospel at any time, on or off a mission. We went tracting the Sunday after the training and knocked on 3 doors and 2 out of the three invited us in for a lesson! 

We finally got our General Conference ensign! I was so excited that  reading them has taken up a lot of my personal study these last few days. Today, I read a talk called "A Choice Generation" from Randall L Ridd. I loved the quote: "Ultimately, the choice is yours. You have agency. It is the power to not only act on your desires but also to refine, purify, and elevate your desires. Agency is your power to become." He later talks about the importance of knowing who you really are and glimpsing your eternal destiny, a topic that was the main point of the mission conference we had a few weeks ago with Elder Hamula, the local area 70. It made me realize how important it is to understand my potential and the potential of those we teach and interact with. I am making it a goal to read my patriarchal blessing every day this week to try to get a better grasp on my own potential, as well as praying for more opportunities to exercise and develop charity (my Christlike Attribute Achilles Heel...) so I can see it in others so I can love them more fully. 

Thanks again for the letters and the love! 

-Sister Bennion

P.S Love you so much! I am doing very well! I love my companion! We have a very similar sense of humor and she loves working out. We went to a gym today for pday. She bench pressed 156 pounds. I am not telling you how much I did haha.
Sister Missionary Conference!
Some Highlights From the Conference:

  • When you forget yourself, God will send people to remember you for you.
  • Let your companion shine where she shines--even if you can shine there too. Let her shine.
  • Love is the greatest motivator.
  • Is this time to fill the tank or is it the time to lose ourselves and go to work? (taking time to take care of yourself)
  • At the end of your mission be able to count the memories and not the missed opportunities.
  • The difference between salvation and exaltation is a family.
  • Our purpose doesn't change much after the mission--eternal family needs to be our purpose.
  • When you have decisions to make, remember that you are affecting generations to come.
  • Use this opportunity as a missionary to prepare to be a mother who knows.

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